JosuŽ Bergervoet was  born 1970 in Holland, in a little village near Arnhem, named Keijenborg. In 1988 he graduated High School and started to study a 4-year course in building engineering (HBO/ higher professional education). In 1992 he passed his exam and was entitled to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering. In 1998 he moves from his birthplace to the city of Arnhem. After he already had restarted to work at his old passion - pencil drawing and painting - in the middle of the nineties, he increasingly concentrated since his removal in 1998 to work with color pencils.


The commissioned work of JosuŽ Bergervoet mainly exists out of portraits, but if desired almost every  subject is possible. In his free work - whether it are flowers, a still life or a landscape - he does look for subjects and compositions he likes and  he aims to translate them as beautiful  as possible on to  the drawing board.








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